V-Zip Multi vitamins storyboard

Three illustrations from a 9 panel storyboard related to V-Zip Multivitamins. Two characters (Corky and Tacky) are fatigued and blue until they meet 'V-Zip' who introduces them to a colourful, fun, vibrant world. Rather than include the complete sequence of panels illustrating the full story, the intention of this post is simply too show the 'level of finish' typical of comprehensive storyboard illustrations.

Abstracted perspective

Early draft: Abstracted perspective conveying the process of 'visualising'.
Kinda like the flow and the energy happening here ...... potential.

Betty Edwards textbook: great drawing reference

'The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' by Betty Edwards is an amazing resource in providing simply and insightful instruction into 'drawing what he see', rather than drawing 'what we think we see' or are 'conditioned to see'.

Much of the focus is on drawing negative spaces, edges, shadows and highlights, rather than firstly identifying the objects we draw by name (e.g nose, mouth). This frees the artist from any preconceived ideas of what they know the object to be. The results are quite surprising and I would recommend this book to anyone who recognises that their style is not as fluid and free and they would wish it to be.


Wow I can sniff the end!
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